Preparations for Work

Once you have applied for and been offered a position, visit the Student Employment Office to complete paperwork that is necessary to work on campus. This paperwork includes the completion of tax and banking forms. You will need to bring:

ONE of the items listed in Column A on the back of the I-9 Form OR one item from Column B AND one item from Column C on the back of the I-9 form (which can be found here). As well as your banking forms for direct deposit.

  • Column A:  A Passport (U.S. or Foreign), U.S. Passport Card, Permanent Resident or Alien Cardoran Employment Authorization Document that includes a photo
  • Column B: Driver’s License or ID card issued by a State, ID card issued by state, federal, or local agencies, School ID, Voter registration card, U.S. military card, military dependent’s ID card. (ANY ITEM FROM COLUMN B MUST HAVE A PHOTOGRAPH)
  • Column C: A social security account number card, Birth Certificate, Native American Tribal document, U.S. Citizen ID card, ID card for use of resident citizen in US or an employment authorization document from the department of Homeland Security
  • Banking forms: A check, or account number and bank routing number

Students must present physical authentic proof of identification when they complete their tax and banking forms.  It is important to note that the identification documents cannot be copies or expired. These documents are required to verify both the student’s identity and employment eligibility.

At the Student Employment Office, students will:

  • Complete the following forms: Federal W-4 and Federal I-9 forms, a Maine W-4 form, and a Direct Deposit form.
  • International Students Take Note:  Do not complete the forms above.  Other documents are required of you.  Come to the Student Employment Office to set up your work eligibility.  For more information regarding employment for international students, select HERE.

Shortly after completing the tax and banking forms while at the Student Employment Office, and presenting valid proof of identification, you will have access to your electronic Bates Work Authorization (BWA) on the Garnet Gateway. The BWA acts as proof that the student has been approved to work on campus. Students must have their BWA before they can start working in a campus position.

Students must send their employer proof of their Bates Work Authorization. They can do this through Garnet Gateway by clicking on the Student Employment tab. The diagram below depicts how to send your work authorization to a supervisor. Please remember that if you have multiple jobs, you must send your authorization to every supervisor for that job.

Students who are eligible for Federal Work Study or Bates Work Study will have a card indicating their WS status in the bottom corner of the card.Diagram V1