AVC: Print Shop Monitor (S9974B)

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities

Print shop monitors are responsible for supervising the printshop in the absence of faculty.  Responsibilities include enforcing safe practice in use of materials and equipment as established in class; cleaning the shop; replenishing supplies and tracking inventory.

Specific responsibilities include, but may not be limited to:

Each work session includes cleaning the shop, replenishing consumable supplies and tracking inventory.  Responsible for alerting head monitor about any equipment or material needs.

The Basics

Department: Art and Visual Culture
Supervisor: Pamela Johnson
Office Location: Olin Center, Room 315
Email: pjohnson@bates.edu
Pay Grade:
Hours: 2 hours per week
Workers: 3

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities


Required Education: Studio arts course (s) in printmaking. Experience: demonstrated facility with correct printmaking practices.