Dear Colleagues,

Good morning. If you have not already visited the Bates website today, I urge you to go to and experience the college’s new window into the global educational experience we know as Bates.

Designed with the audience of prospective students and their families in mind, the site also takes a sophisticated message to alumni, current and past parents and prospective faculty and staff, as well as our colleagues and friends in higher education across the globe. The site incorporates the fine work done over the past 18 months to identify Bates’ leading attributes and to create a coherent look and feel for materials that carry a unified Bates message to external audiences. It is no accident that prospective students who receive the new admission materials will feel very much at home when they visit, the largest and most current publication the college produces, is under production every day with input from our partners across campus as well as the team in the Bates Communications Office. For campus users, of course, the site needs to facilitate our work every day. You will find an increasingly strong search function (this takes a few days to become robust), directory, and of course, Lyceum and Garnet Gateway. If you need material from ICMS, you can log into ICMS to retrieve content to post into your new WordPress site. ICMS content is no longer live for public viewing.

In coming weeks, you will be hearing more about training opportunities, a site FAQ, style guidelines and other materials to help you develop the strongest possible content for the web. We are also happy to work with individual offices to help with content presentation.

Meanwhile, feedback (positive or negative) and questions can come to me or to

All best,

Meg Kimmel
Assistant Vice President
Bates Communications Office