#9 — Device usage trends, scrolling vs. clicking, recent changes in WP

Our 9th WordPress Community of Practice Gathering was held on March 25th, from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. in Commons 226.


  • Global Navigation: New vs. Old
    • The current iteration of the global navigation (launched Nov. 3) receives 2.1x more clicks than the past iteration (known as the Ubermenu).
  • Trends in device usage
    • In the past 3 years, desktop usage has steadily declined from 92% to 72%. Mobile and tablet usage has quickly grown from 8% to 28%.
  • Best practices for page length
    • A 250 word minimum is good for pages since 1) users prefer to consume more content in fewer places, and 2) Search engines reward content-rich pages.
    • Scrolling vs. Clicking: Users are more likely to consume related content via scrolling down a page than by clicking between separate pages.
  • New features in WordPress
    • Native media embeds
    • Gravity Forms updates
    • Master Calendar events listings within WordPress
    • Photo slideshow options
  • Open Forum
    • Working with multiple browsers