The Breadcrumbs Continue

Parent Sites Included

We’ve made an improvement to our site’s breadcrumb structure that allows site managers to articulate their site’s parent site.

Previously, our breadcrumbs skipped from the root site (“Bates”) directly to the current site (in this case “African American Studies”).


Old breadcrumb style. No parent site articulated in hierarchy.

The shortcoming of this prior behavior is that parent sites weren’t included in our breadcrumb hierarchy. Since many sites have parent sites, from both institutional organization and user-experience perspectives, presenting a more complete picture of our site’s hierarchy should improve our overall user-experience.


New breadcrumb style. Parent site, “Academics” articulated in hierarchy.

To articulate your site’s parent site, look under Appearance > Customizer > Site Identity > Select a Parent Site. Watch the screencast video below to learn more.