The Power of 376

The following email was sent to the 376 members of the WordPress Community of Practice on September 24, 2018.

Hi Everyone,

You’re receiving this email because you are able to edit part of Bates’ public website — I’m writing to let you know about a resource that can make your work easier. Bates’ public website is powered by a content management system called WordPress. The WordPress Community of Practice is a group of 376 campus web managers who help make our site what it is (see kudos list below).

We manage our site to provide our audiences with an accurate, smooth, and valuable browsing experience. We can work towards this goal by ensuring that our sites’ text and photos are up to date, the links work, and page layouts and site structures align with best practices.

One-on-one, in-person WordPress support

Whether you’re new to WordPress, need a refresher, or just want a second opinion on your website’s content, you’re in luck.

BCO has two Digital Communications Assistants, Ted Burns ’19 and Teagan Ladner ’21, who can meet with you individually to provide instruction on the nuts and bolts of WordPress. To schedule time for a consult, email me directly (rather than via the perilous reply all). 


Kudos for our website