Block Patterns

What is a Block Pattern

Block Patterns are a collection of predefined blocks that you can insert into pages and posts and then customize with your own content. Using a Block Pattern is an easy way to create beautiful layouts that combine different blocks to produce professional designs.

Most of our Block Patterns at Bates are multimedia designs that use color and large spaces for images to highlight information in an eye-catching way. These Block Patterns are particularly useful for creating vibrant home or landing pages without having to do all the block nesting and content formatting yourself.

How to Insert Block Patterns

These screenshots demonstrate how to insert patterns into a page or post.

Step 1: Click the blue [+] button in the upper left corner
Step 2: Select “patterns” and click on “Bates College patterns.” Select which pattern you want to insert

Managing Your Block Patterns

To get a feel for the block patterns you’re using, we recommend using the Document Overview feature in WordPress. This feature will show you all of the different individual blocks that are within a block pattern, and exactly how they’re nested together. The Document Overview feature can be accessed in the top toolbar of the editor, shown here.

Click on the 3-line icon in the top toolbar menu to access the Document Overview feature.
When you’re using a Block Pattern on your page, you can now easily see every block that is in the pre-made Block Pattern, how those blocks are nested, and which options are associated with each block.

Example Block Patterns

Alef (grayscale image with side quote)
Bet (image left/call-to-action right (for rows))
Gimel (2 parallelogram columns)
Dalet (3 parallelogram columns)
Zayin (image on right, heading and description on left)
Chet (tiles in 2 rows)
Tet (wide image with call-to-action centered)