Off-Campus Study


Nearly 60% of Bates juniors study globally. Where will you go? What will you study? Are you a biology major looking to conduct primary research in a tropical marine environment or an equatorial rainforest? A psychology major interested in psychosocial support in post-conflict communities or the power of positive psychology in the world’s happiest country? An art student seeking her own studio space in Rome or a musician ready to join a gamelan ensemble in Bali?

Off-campus programs complement the Bates curriculum, providing on-site experiences – from Morocco to Mongolia, China to Czech Republic, Greece to Ghana – and opportunities to delve deeply in the study of complex global issues – from public heath to political economies to climate change and social movements. Nearly 60% of Bates juniors study abroad for a semester or year. Students in all classes study in Short Term off-campus courses, taught by Bates faculty, around the US and the world, or join a Bates faculty-led Fall Semester Abroad (FSA). We are here to help you explore your options, expand your horizons, and make international study a part of your Bates degree. Begin the planning process by consulting the links below.

Photo: Seda Monastery, China, Evan Nece ’17