Summer Study Abroad

Summer study abroad programs provide an opportunity to develop language skills in preparation for a semester abroad, or to have an abroad experience when an entire semester abroad is not possible due to competing academic, extracurricular, or personal interests.

While the Center for Global Education focuses on academic-year programs, we often advise students on summer options. Students should consult the online directory of summer programs below. Once students have developed a “short list” of potential summer programs, they should discuss the options off-campus study advising staff in the Center for Global Education.

Summer Study Abroad Registration is required for approval of credit by the Center for Global Education.

To complete this registration:

  1. Go to  Global Bobcats and login using your Bates credentials
  2. Once you’ve identified a program to apply to, go to the Summer Registration Form select the correct term, dates, and location and Click on “Apply Now”
  3. Review the requirements and make an appointment on BatesReach with Jen Hyde.
  4. Don’t forget to apply to your summer study abroad program by their deadline!

Summer courses abroad are “transfer courses” and students may apply a maximum of two summer course credits towards their Bates degree. This credit should be pre-approved through the Registrar’s Office. You may access the transfer credit policy and the transfer credit application form on the Registrar’s website.

Bates financial aid is not available to support summer study.  Some programs do have financial aid for summer study as do some outside scholarships and grants.

We suggest you search for summer programs offered by organizations which Bates uses for semester and year study abroad, these may include:

Many English language universities offer summer programs: