Working Through Re-Entry

Return from study abroad to the United States, family, friends and college can be accompanied by conflicting emotions. Joy, relaxation, warmth and release of tension can alternate with apprehension, loneliness, a sense of loss and frustration.  If you are experiencing a similar roller coaster of emotions, you may be wondering what is going on and whether your situation is shared by others.  Re-entry adjustment is the term for what you’re experiencing and, while the specifics vary, you are not alone.

Re-entry adjustment is addressed:

  • at the “Welcome Back” Open House
  • in the “Handbook for Students Returning from Off-Campus Study.”
  • Dean Gallant and Mr. Das have additional resources on the topic.

The Office of the Multifaith Chaplaincy often sponsors “Back at Bates” reflection/conversation meetings for students returning from study abroad.  Please contact one of the chaplains if you are interested.