Get A Travel Signature

You must plan ahead to get your I- 20 signed before you leave the country. Request a travel endorsement of your I-20 at least five business days prior to your departure.

Do you need a travel signature?

All F-1 visa holders planning to travel abroad and request reentry to the U.S. must have a valid travel signature (endorsement) on their I-20.

In order for the signature to be considered “valid,” it must be less than one year old* at the time of your return. To request a travel signature, please follow the steps below.

*Note: Travel signatures for students on OPT  and STEM OPT are valid for 6 months only.

Schedule a meeting with us via BatesReach or email us as soon as you know your travel plans. Please don’t wait until the last minute—this process takes a little bit of time.

Bring your current I-20 with you to our office. We’ll confirm your current enrollment status and review your records, and then will provide the travel signature for you if everything is in order.

Alternatively, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has announced that schools may sign and send I-20s electronically.  If you receive your I-20 via email with updated travel endorsement, please be sure to print out your I-20 and sign the bottom of page one. Carry the print-out of this I-20 when presenting it to U.S. officials.

Who is authorized to sign your I-20?

  • Shelley Palmer, PDSO
    • 124 Roger Williams Hall
  • Darren Gallant, DSO
    • 126 Roger Williams Hall
  • Jennifer Hyde, DSO
    • 125 Roger Williams Hall
  • Amy Jaffe, DSO
    • Center for Purposeful Work
      Chase Hall, First Floor