Extra-Cost and Off-Campus Short Term Courses

The 2023 Off-Campus Short Term Courses:

Access to the application, information on extra costs, and more details are available at the links below.

Central European Theater and Politics
Prof. Kati Vecsey & Prof. James Richter
Enrollment: up to 22
Dates: April 25 to May 18
Costs estimated around $5,000, to be updated by January
Locations: Hungary and Czech Republic
Learn more and apply here.

Earthquakes & the San Andreas Fault
Prof. Shreya Arora & Rebecca Minor
Enrollment: up to 18
Dates: May 2 – 23
Costs estimated around $3,500, to be updated by January
Location: California, USA
Learn more and apply here.

Travel, Medicine, and the COVID-19 Pandemic in Chile
Prof. T. Glen Lawson and Prof. David George
Enrollment: up to 24
Dates: April 30 – May 20
Costs estimated around $4,000, to be updated by January
Location: Santiago, Chile
Learn more and apply here.
Upcoming Info Sessions: November 16, 7-8pm, Location: Roger Williams G18

Students who are interested in any of these courses, should be in touch with the faculty directly.

Financial Aid for Short Term Off-Campus / Extra Cost Courses

Financial aid is available to cover all or a portion of the costs associated with an off-campus/extra cost Short Term course for eligible students. Each instructor provides Student Financial Services with a list of students who have been given permission to participate in their course and they use this information to determine who received financial aid for the course, there is no additional application process. You must currently be eligible for Bates institutional grant funds to receive this additional assistance. In past years, students have been asked to contribute between $0 and $1,500, depending on their Expected Family Contribution (EFC) for the academic year and available funds. Official financial aid awards will be available before the registration period begins. If you have additional questions related to your specific financial situation, please contact Student Financial Services sfs@bates.edu.