Finances and Funding

Bates Off-Campus Study Fee:  All students pay an off-campus study fee to Bates that is 7% of the single fee ($2,988 per semester in 2024-2025). Bates charges this fee to off-set the costs of the support services and resources provided by Bates that students continue to have access to while away from the college. This includes the Center for Global Education, other student affairs offices, and Bates faculty.

If you do not receive financial aid from Bates, you pay your program or university directly.  You do not pay the Bates single fee.  If you are enrolled with a tuition management system, contact them about temporarily suspending your participation.

If you receive Bates financial aid, the following web pages describe the financial aid process and policies with regard to off-campus study (The deadline for domestic students to renew FAFSA and College Profile applications is May 1; similarly international students must provide the necessary information by May 1) We encourage all financial aid recipients to renew as early as possible.  Do not wait for the May 1 deadline.

We encourage all students, regardless of aid status, to look into outside grants, especially those offered by their study abroad program:

Program/Institution Billing Advice

We advise students and families to closely review financial policies and commitments upon application, deposit, and confirmation to any off-campus study program or institution. Each institution will have its own billing arrangements and policies on deposits, confirmations, and withdrawals; etc. Regardless of financial aid status, each individual student is responsible to these institutions financially and to the policies that they outline. At times in the past this has included a deposit paid prior to financial aid disbursement, a loss of a deposit due to a withdrawal, or fees charged that hold up the delivery of an official transcript. The CGE staff are available to help navigate these issues but are not able to change another institution’s financial policies or decisions.