Finances and Funding

Bates Off-Campus Study Fee:  All students pay an off-campus study fee to Bates that is 7% of the single fee ($2,650 per semester in 2021-2022).

If you do not receive financial aid from Bates, you pay your program or university directly.  You do not pay the Bates single fee.  If you are enrolled with a tuition management system, contact them about temporarily suspending your participation.

If you receive Bates aid, the following web pages describe the financial aid process and policies with regard to off-campus study (The deadline for domestic students to renew FAFSA and College Profile applications is May 1; similarly international students must provide the necessary information by May 1) We encourage all financial aid recipients to renew as early as possible.  Do not wait for the May 1 deadline.

We encourage all students, regardless of aid status, to look into outside grants, especially those offered by their study abroad program: