Off Campus Living

Bates is a residential college; we encourage and guarantee campus housing for 4 years of our students’ education. Bates does permit a percentage of senior students to live off-campus each year.

You must apply for and participate in the Off-Campus Lottery before you can receive permission to live off-campus. You should not sign a lease until you receive this permission. The maximum number of students permitted to live off-campus each year is 125.

When making financial plans to live off-campus, please be sure to reference only Bates-published information. The annual rebate is calculated individually each year, and references to this number on non-Bates websites are historically inaccurate.

All students residing off-campus must maintain a current local address and phone number with Student Affairs. This is as much for security concerns as it is to maintain lines of communication for professors and the other offices of the college. Transportation services to off-campus apartments are not available except in extenuating circumstances. Please carefully read through and understand all additional policies for off-campus Living.