Geology Lunch 1/17/2019 – Dr. Rob Gailey – Groundwater Management in California: Big Picture Issues and Scientific-Economic Approaches

Come to GeoLunch, Thursday January 17, 12:00 – 1:00  Carnegie 219

Pizza and cider to be served while we speak about groundwater management in California.

ABSTRACT:  New legislation and related regulations in California mandate groundwater management to avoid undesirable results from excessive groundwater pumping and other human activities.  Required aspects of management planning that will occur in well over 100 alluvial groundwater sub-basins across the state include scientific foundation and publicly transparency.  While the details of individual groundwater management approaches will be particular to conditions in each management area, there will be common elements based on similarities in water use patterns and physical aspects of groundwater systems.  This presentation will provide a sense of the groundwater management challenges in California as well as highlight the physical and economic processes involved.

AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY:  Rob Gailey has been a practicing hydrogeologist since 1985. His work, involving both water supply and contaminant hydrogeology, ranges from performing field investigations and quantitative analysis to regulatory negotiation and expert witness engagements. In addition to consulting, Rob has conducted research on sustainable groundwater management at University of California Davis.