Minor Requirements

Geology Minors. Students may complete a minor in geology by taking seven Geology courses distributed as follows:

One of the following:
FYS 190. The Changing Climate of Planet Earth.
FYS 327. Katahdin to Acadia: Exploring Maine Geology.
FYS 441. Volcanic Science.
GEO 103. Earth Surface Environmental Change/Lab.
GEO 104. Plate Tectonics and Tectonic Hazards/Lab.
GEO 107. Katahdin to Acadia: Field Geology in Maine/Lab.
GEO 108. Global Environmental Change.
GEO 109. Global Change/Lab.

All of the following:
GEO 210. Sedimentary Processes and Environments/Lab.
GEO 223. Rock-Forming Minerals and Mineral Assemblages/Lab.
GEO 230. Earth Structure and Dynamics/Lab.
GEO 240. Environmental Geochemistry/Lab.

Two additional geology or geology cross-listed courses, including Short Term courses, and pre-approved geology courses taken in off-campus study programs.

Students completing the environmental studies major with an Ecology and Earth Systems concentration and a geology minor may count no more than one course toward both.