In Sharon’s office is sign with a list of past grads and Mike apparently has a list he assembled for an NSF proposal.

Class of ’97

  • Anne Coequyt, ?
  • Laurie Gallagher, ?
  • Allison Gillen, ?
  • Chris Guzofski, ?
  • Kathryn Hinkley, ?
  • J. Bradford Hubeny, ?
  • Andrew Lasca, ?
  • Chenda Lor, ?
  • Luke O’Brien, ?
  • Alex Robinson, ?
  • Bryan Turner, ?

Class of ’96

  • Ray Pavlik is applying to BC grad school for earth science education to be a secondary school teacher.
  • Jon Eden, ? Email him at:
  • Kendra Phelps, ?
  • Mark Behn is a Ph.D. Candidate in the MIT-WHOI program. He recently received a Dept. of Defense fellowship. He is also going to sea this summer to the Mid Atlantic Ridge to do some seismic experiments. His team leaves from Ft. Lauderdale and will end up in Azores. They will be at sea for the entire month of June. Email him at:
  • Kenny Hockert, ?
  • Sara Tichenor, ?
  • Matt Arsenault plans to (probably) work for Kevex Instruments, makers of the Kevex SuperDry on the SEM downstairs of Carnegie. He then plans to attend Graduate School for Oceanography in the Fall of 1998. Email him at:
  • Erica Montgomery, ?
  • Nate Anderson, ?
  • Erica Jones, ?

Class of ’95

  • James Hogan is in his second year of the PhD program in the Earth Sciences Department at Dartmouth College. His advisor is Dr. Joel Blum, and together they are working on application of the stable isotopes of boron and lithium as environmental tracers. Currently they are trying to use them as a groundwater tracer for both natural and anthropogenically contaminated systems. He has recently received funding for this work through a graduate fellowship from the EPA. Email him at:
  • Brook Mullens, ?
  • Laurie Berkowitz, ?

Class of ’94

  • Matthew J. Grove is currently a PhD student at Duke University in the Division of Earth and Ocean Sciences. He is working for Dr. Paul Baker on a project in the Altiplano of Bolivia-Peru. Their primary focus is paleoclimatic reconstruction from geochemical signals in sediments from Lake Titicaca. Mr. Grove is also involved in research on the modern and paleohydrology of the region using stable isotopes (Sr, O) to model hydrologic changes. Email him at:
  • Jenna-Marie McClintock is a full-time student at Columbia University – Teachers College (New York, NY) getting an M.A. in Secondary School Science Education. She will be certified in Earth Science. Currently, she is student teaching 8th grade Earth Science in a NYC public school and finishing her coursework. She will graduate in July and be a certified teacher by this upcoming September. Email her at:
  • Beth Holland is working for an environmental-geology firm in the Boston area.

Class of ’93

  • Noah Snyder is a geomorphology graduate student in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences at MIT. His doctoral research is on rates and processes of bedrock erosion. For this project, he studies bedrock rivers in the King Range of northern California, the Alaska Penninsula, and the Finger Lakes of New York. He also participates in on-going MIT field research on the tectonic history of the Death Valley area. Email him at:

Class of ’92

  • Steve Peters currently lives in Hanover, New Hampshire, and is in Dartmouth’s Ph.D. program in Earth Sciences. After graduating from Bates in 1992, Steve worked for the Appalachain Mountain Club as the Huts Field Supervisor for three years before starting graduate studies in 1995. His primary interest is in the area of toxic trace metals, and how they move in natural systems. This includes the fields of aqueous geochemistry, hydrologic models, limnology, and epidemiology. Current research interests include:
  • arsenic concentration and speciation in groundwaters
  • tracemetal (Hg, As, Cd, Cr) cycling in New England Lakes
  • lead isotope systems applied to soils and sediments If you would like more information, you can email or visit
  • Peter Jonathan Friedman is a commercial pilot for USAir Express, out of lebanon , NH. He has been flying for approximately three years, but before that he was teaching some high school chemistry in a private boarding school in Mass and teaching chemistry and geology in a community college in New Mexico. He has not been doing any geologic research since summer of ’92 when I did some work for INSTARR, a organization that works on Arctic research. Email him at:

Unknown class

  • Beth L. Widmann is finishing MS at Colorado School of Mines. Email her at:
  • Jon Child began working at Fuss & O’Neill two years ago, after completing the MS program in Geology at UMass, where he met his wife. They have been married for 6 months and they will try to settle somewhere in the Northampton – Amherst area. Jon works for Fuss & O’Neill, Inc., working as a Hydrogeologist on site assessments and site remediation (generally at petroleum contaminated sites) and some environmental permitting. The company consists of both civil and environmental engineers and geologist which means we do alot of different things (new bridge design, tank pulls, roadway reconstruction, wastewater treatment, site assessments, site remediation, etc.). Check out his resumé.
  • Kim Marsella is currently finishing her Master’s of Science at UVM. Her research is in the Pangnirtung Fjord are on Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic. The title of her thesis is “Timing and extent of glaciation on southern Baffin Island: determined using cosmogenic isotopes 10-Be and 26-Al.” She spent seven weeks hiking around, collecting samples, and mapping; then dating glacial landforms (morainal boulders and striated bedrock) using a farily new technique, cosmogenic isotopes, and she revised the glacial chronology in this area. Last fall, she talked about the results of her thesis at the GSA meeting in Denver, and actually chaired the session on Quaternary Glacial Events. She had just submitted a paper to Geology and am working on a GSA Bulletin paper. She took last semester off to TA a field course in Washington State and then spent time doing some stuff in the desert – Death Valley, Owens Valley, Joshua Tree, and Zion National Park. This semester she will be teaching 3 Geo 1 labs again. She will be finished in May, and is planning on taking time off before a possible Ph.D. Email her at:, or visit web sites about the Cosmogenic Isotope Lab at UVM and her research
  • Dave Wisniewski, ?