Geology Lunch

Open to all and meeting approximately every other Tuesday from 12:00 to 1:00 in Carnegie 219 GeoLunch is an opportunity for any student to meet and eat with professionals working across the spectrum of geologic fields.


GeoLunch Schedule : Winter 2020:


  • Tuesday – January 14 – 12:00

Megan Lubetkin ’16, M.Sc. University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography, Science Manager Ocean Exploration Trust

Ocean Exploration and Research with Remotely Operated Vehicles: NASA SUBSEA, NatGeo Amelia Expedition, Submarine Volcanism, Marine Sanctuaries, and Heritage in the High Seas

  • Wednesday – January 29 – 4:15
Alice Doughty – Visiting Assistant Professor of Geology, Bates College 
What if ice sheets controlled CO2?

  • Wednesday – February 12 – 12:00

Inga Kindstedt – Research Graduate Student,   

The Climate Change Institute at The University of Maine

Melt layers: a tool for understanding summertime temperatures in the North Pacific region

More dates TBD –  Stay tuned.

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