Submit Abstracts

Abstracts: Submission of abstracts will begin in January 2009. The deadline for submission is Thursday, 26 March 2009. Presentations can be either a poster or a talk.

No late abstracts accepted.

Where to submit?
Submit new abstract: Please email your abstract to Brenda Pelletier via email at Deadline March 26

Update existing abstract: If you have already submitted an abstract and want to change something before the 26 March deadline, please email Brenda with an updated version. We will not accept any updates after March 26. Updates should be be sent to Brenda via email at and in the subject line type update to Abstract

Abstract Length
Three pages, including figures The abstract limit is three 8.5×11 inch pages (1 inch margins, 12 pt font), including up to 4 figures. The maximum length of the main text is 10,000 characters including spaces. Submit less text if you have figures in order to fit within the 3-page limit. Separate paragraphs with a blank line (two carriage returns). Do not use tabs or indents. Complex mathematical equations should be submitted as figures.

Figures are encouraged, but optional. We particularly encourage participants to include one or several figures with their abstract. Past workshop figures have included data plots, data tables, maps, photographs, and equations. All figures must be submitted in gif, jpg, or png image format (use .gif, .jpg, or .png file endings). When possible, figures should be at high resolution with the longest dimension at least 300 x 350 pixels.

Print and web versions: Your abstract will be published in our Abstracts volume and on our website.

Talks vs Posters

Limited talk slots due to time constraints there are only ~50 slots available for talks. Slots will be allocated by the Abstracts Committee soon after the abstract submission deadline on 26 March. Thus, a few Workshop attendees may have to change their talk to a poster presentation. As in previous years, the poster session is often the best part of the meeting; so please don’t consider this as a second-class option.

Talk duration:
Talk length will be 12 minutes plus a few minutes for questions and transition to the next speaker.

Power Point
or MAC Keynote files: We will accept presentation files in either of two formats: Power Point (PC or Mac) After your arrival at Bates and before your presentation, you must transfer your presentation file onto our computer (iMac running both OS X and Windows); it will be available during the Icebreaker on Tuesday evening and during breaks. The most reliable method for transferring your file is USB Flash Drive or CD. For your presentation, use common system fonts (Arial, Times New Roman, Courier, Symbol), or if on a PC, embed your fonts.

You will not be able to use your laptop for your talk. It may cause technical problems and interrupt the meeting. See the above paragraph on transferring files. Need additional equipment or software? Just let us know well in advance.

Poster Size:
Poster space is no larger than 1.5m x 1.5m, with most posters having a height of about 1m. Poster presentations should be put up right away, and left up as long as possible during the workshop.