Bates Financial Aid Policies

Financial Aid is available for Bates Comprehensive Fee and Approved Independent Programs according to the policies that apply to the aid recipient on campus, up to the amount that would have been provided if the student were enrolled on-campus. Once the student has been accepted to a program, the Off-Campus Study Office calculates the Cost of Attendance. The Financial Aid Office uses this cost to calculate the amount of aid that the student receives for the semester or year abroad. If you qualify for Bates grant aid, the Financial Aid Office will issue a check in September or January. The check is usually sent to your family, and your family is responsible for paying all the costs associated with off-campus study.  In some cases the aid check is sent directly to the program.

The following costs are included in the calculation of your Cost of Attendance:

Tuition, mandatory fees, program deposit.

If attending an English language university, the costs are calculated on the cost of direct application and enrollment at the university. The extra costs of applying through Arcadia, IFSA-Butler, and other programs are not eligible. The extra costs of optional academic or extracurricular activities are not eligible.

Housing and food costs for the orientation and academic program.

These costs are calculated up to the cost of home stays or dormitories with host-country students with food options if a range of housing options is available. The cost of alternate housing is not included if more expensive. Dormitory costs are based on accommodation in a double.

Books and supplies; Personal expenses.

Students receive the Bates allocation for books and supplies, except for those programs where books are included in program fee. The allocation for “personal expenses” is based on the Bates personal expenses allocation with a cost of living adjustment, if indicated.  The maximum adjustment is twice the on-campus allocation. This allocation is excluded if the program cost includes personal expenses.

Round trip transportation to the program.

Costs are based on advance purchase, student fares. $25 is provided for local travel expenses. The cost of transportation is provided for one semester only. If the student studies off-campus for two semesters, this cost is for the first semester. The one exception is when the student studies on a Bates FSA program and studies abroad a second time in the same language setting. For international students, the cost of round trip travel from Boston to the program/university is addressed, unless lower cost alternatives are more appropriate.

Off-Campus Study Fee.

The College charges an “Off-Campus Study Registration Fee” equal to 7% of the Bates Single Fee for that semester except when students pay the full Bates Single Fee for their program. The Single Fee for the Bates Fall Semester Abroad programs and Off-Campus Short Term courses includes the cost of visas. On all other programs, the cost of visas is the student’s responsibility


The expected work-study contribution for the semester abroad is covered by Bates grant aid.

Non-Bates Grants

Students are encouraged to apply for non-Bates grants. Students may apply outside scholarships toward the work-study and loan portions of their financial aid package and their expected family contribution. Students retain all the outside grant money they receive unless the Bates and outside grants exceed the “Cost of Attendance.” (Large merit awards as a result of academic performance on the program are divided equally between the student and Bates.)


Awards are based on the anticipated costs and the currency exchange rate at the time of the calculation of the “Cost of Attendance.” They are not adjusted, upwards or downwards, unless exceptional cost or rate changes occur.  Appropriate documentation is required.

Additional Costs

The costs of passports, immunizations, health insurance, extra travel, and extra personal expenses while abroad are the student’s responsibility.