BOC Minutes 10/22/14

Sorry I couldn’t be there! Fevers are dumb. Luckily, Josh covered for me. Here they are!

10/22/14 Minutes


Alex: Freeport Ski and Bike SALE. Get it fast cuz when its gone it’s gone. Skis, boots, clothing and more (tents for sale or just a tent sale?)

Alex: Wilderness Ventures looking for leaders from the BOC for this summer. Check out the website. Shannon will be here on the 5th so come talk to her. Also, talk to Toby cuz he’s worked for them before and apparently things are weird (careful).

Alex: BOC homecoming dinner this Friday upstairs in Commons. Bring ideas for the 95th and 100thanniversaries. So many cool Josh’s will be there (including one by the last name of Sturdevant)!

ALEX (slow down man): FREE sandals from Bedrock sandals. Who says no to free swag? We’ll check it out and maybe buy some later.



Sasha: PEAKS WEEKEND. Get psyched to get as many Batesies on as many peaks as possible. Super fun super cool event. Sasha wants emails from volunteers to lead trips. Look for an email for more details.

Nate’s going climbing at Squaredock ledges this Saturday. Somewhat advanced routes. 1 spot, email him!


Toby built a crack on the climbing wall already. Costs $120 and it passes! Woot

Back to ANNOUNCEMENTS/GEAR ( we’ve got to get the order of our meetings together)

Bryan built the miniramp.  It cost $160 over the $400 budget.  It’s a cool project with big potential.  He doesn’t have to ask for the money but he is (mixed messages here).  Does the Outing Club want to cover the extra costs?  If not the Shred Club will cover it but their budget is WAY smaller than ours.

Bryan will have open Mini-ramp office hours every Friday afternoon 3-5 when it’s finished.


Bruno went to camp in Colorado.  He was late getting to the van once.  Uh oh, now he has to carry the salsa for lunch… no one wants to carry the salsa.  During the lunch break Bruno spills the salsa NOOOO and he has to lick it up ewww

Callum says the Rumney trip went and they went for an entire day of climbing. Props for making it!

George, Thorn, and Sam went biking and decided it be a good idea to take some naked calendar photos.  George popped a wheelie and hit a bump in the road.  Story ends with George totally naked on his back… oh George.

Thanks again to Josh for keeping a record of our time for this week!!