Short Term


What is Short Term?

Conceived by the Faculty, Short Term is a period of focused academic study when students on campus engage in structured coursework for a five week period.  All students must complete the minimum of two and a maximum of three Short Term courses required for graduation.


Reasons a Student Can Stay for Short Term without Submitting a HouseCat Application

If you are staying for Short Term through the following two reasons, you do not need to fill out a HouseCat.  Your Short Term status will be sent to our office via the registrar for courses or the athletics department for varsity sports:

  1. A registered and participating member in a Short Term Course.
  2. A roster participant on an intercollegiate varsity team in season. (Sport Term access on campus ends upon season’s conclusion.)**


Reasons a Student Can Stay for Short Term that Require a HouseCat Application

If you are not staying for one of the above reasons, the only approved reasons to remain on campus during Short Term are listed below. You will need to fill out a HouseCat for Short Term and  during that process you will upload documentation of one of these reasons:

The only approved reasons to remain on campus during Short Term are listed below:

  1. A paid Teaching Assistant for a Short Term Course approved and overseen by a Faculty member for 20 hours per week.
  2. A paid Research Assistant approved by a Faculty member for 20 hours per week.
  3. A student involved in a Student/Faculty Research Project approved by a faculty member for 20 hours per week.
  4. A student involved in a Student Teaching Project approved by a faculty member.
  5. A student participating in an internship approved by the Director of the BCDC, working 20 hours a week.
  6. A graduating Senior who has completed and passed three Short Term Courses AND is engaged in approved campus work or community work approved by the Harward Center during the fourth Short Term.  Students in this category must work 20 hours weekly (this can be from one job or several), or a term-cumulative 80 hours with the Harward Center. Community or volunteer work must be approved in advance by the Harward Center.

**Seniors who wish to stay after the completion of their season should take a Short Term Course (if they have only completed two courses), or find approved campus work or community work approved by the Harward Center (only if they have already completed three Short Term Courses).


What is Considered Documentation of Exceptions to Upload onto HouseCat?

All categories except course and sport require a HouseCat application with uploaded proof of one of the above reasons.  Examples of supporting documentation include:


When are Short Term HouseCat Applications Due?

Students are encouraged to submit forms as soon as possible, though no later than April 13th.


Other Reasons and Questions

All students who want to stay on campus who have not completed three Short Term Courses or who do not fall into another category must take a Short Term Course. The acceptable categories for staying exclude students who simply wish to remain on campus to be employed by an administrative office, to begin a thesis, or to be members of club sports teams or campus organizations. These students will need to register for one of the Short Term Units.

Administrative offices that need non-seniors as employees will need to structure the work hours to allow the student’s enrollment in a Short Term Unit.

Any student who needs clarification on whether they are permitted to stay for Short Term in regard to courses, housing, or meals should check with the Registrar or the Residence Life Office.

If students need to stay on campus for a reason other than those listed above, a petition must be submitted with Student Affairs. Petitions must be submitted to no later than Friday, April 13th for consideration.


When Can I Stay on Campus Till?

Students not staying for Short Term are expected to conclude their stay in the houses and residence halls at the end of Winter Semester. Please consult Dates for Building and Room Access and Dining Services for specifics.