Erin Foster Zsiga

Erin Foster Zsiga is an Assistant Dean of Students responsible for the office of   Housing & Residence Life and serves as the Alcohol, Tobacco, and other Drug Counselor. Erin serves as the direct supervisor for the Residence Life Program and oversees training, retention, and selection of the Residence Life Staff.


Mina Beveney

Mina Beveney is the Housing Coordinator and Residence Life Assistant. Mina assists in supervising the Residence Life Staff in the areas of programming, staff development, and mentoring. Mina lives on Frye Street and serves as the Area Dean for the Residence Coordinators that reside within the houses on campus.




If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact any of us via email or by calling the Housing & Residence Life Office at (207) 786-6215.