Drawing Panel Discussion and Exhibition Reception

Friday, September 9 at 6:00 p.m. in the Olin Arts Center, room 104

Andrea Sulzer, Untitled (detail), 2011, colored pencil, 50x38 in

What is drawing? What are drawings? How do artists use them? These questions and more will be discussed by artists Amy Stacy Curtis, Alison Hildreth, and Andrea Sulzer in a conversation about the art of drawing and the role it plays in their work. The discussion will be lead by Anthony Shostak, Curator of Education for the Museum. A reception for the artists follows in the Museum. The three artists are featured in the exhibition Emerging Dis/Order, on view through September 10. The public is welcome to the event and admission is free. For directions and more information about the Museum and programs, please visitwww.bates.edu/museum.xml.

Curtis, best-known for her interactive “solo-biennial” installations in unused mill spaces throughout Maine, has previously used drawings to support her themed installation projects. More recently, however, she has become fascinated with the possibilities of drawing as a medium in its own right, and her work has developed in profound ways.

Hildreth, familiar to Maine audiences as a printmaker and painter, also produces remarkable drawings, such as her Forthrights and Meanders, which are both narrative and journey. An artist interested in exploring interconnections between species and intersections between art and science, she says that “making art is my journal, a record of what compels and absorbs me. It is a method of questioning, investigating, and discovering.”

Sulzer is acclaimed for making exceptionally detailed drawings that imbue dense, repetitive marks with, she says, “vertiginous, unsettling sense of space.” She is interested in the “way that memory fractures, distorts, and collapses time and, in particular, how modern memory is overwhelmed by fragments that are impossible to ground in personal experience.”