Interns’ Blog

Interns often contribute to the museum’s ongoing work from behind the scenes.  The Interns’ Blog helps shine the spotlight on their important work by letting them share their personal perspective.

  • Maura Ferrigno, Fall 2022
    For the past month and a half, I have been working as Exhibitions Intern for the Bates Museum of Art. My work has consisted of researching the artists that the museum will feature in upcoming … Read more
  • Isabelle Job, October 2022
    My internship at the Bates Museum of Art has been educational and informative and has opened my eyes to the ways in which museums operate. It has exceeded my expectations in regard to museum work, … Read more
  • The Power of Speech and History from Lesley Dill’s Wilderness: Light Sizzles Around Me
    So far this semester, my involvement in the installation process of Lesley Dill’s exhibition, Wilderness: Light Sizzles Around Me, was one of the most influential experiences I have had working at the Bates Museum of … Read more
  • Three Big Heads: Inside Bernard Langlais’ Sketchbook
    Much of my everyday work as the Collections Management Intern at the Bates Museum of Art consists of cataloging pieces received by the Museum into our EmbARK database. In 2013, the museum was gifted a … Read more
  • Julia Oliver, Midterm Reflection
    Finding myself already in the middle of this semester it’s nice to have the opportunity to look back and reflect on what I’ve accomplished and learned thus far. Given the task of researching the artists … Read more
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