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Dan Mills

Director of the Bates College Museum of Art and Lecturer in the Humanities

Museum of Art 207-786-6259Olin Arts Center, Room 202

Anthony Shostak

Education Curator
Museum of Art
Olin Arts Center, Room 202A

Corie M. Audette

Assistant Collections Manager/Registrar
Museum of Art
Olin Arts Center

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Michel E. Droge

Lecturer in Art and Visual Culture

Museum of Art 207-786-6259Olin Arts Center

Gerald P. Walsh

Museum Specialist
Museum of Art
Olin Arts Center

Inquiries regarding the Marsden Hartley Legacy Project should be sent to 

Museum Attendants: 207-786-6158

John Berry
Anita Farnum
Beth Herman
Brendan McGinley-Tara
Anne Odom
Cindy Morin
Carol St. Pierre
John Wiley

To schedule tours: 207-786-6158