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Dan Mills

Director of the Bates College Museum of Art and Lecturer in the Humanities

Museum of Art 207-786-6259Olin Arts Center, Room 202

Anthony Shostak

Education Curator
Museum of Art
Olin Arts Center, Room 202A

Samantha Sigmon

Assistant Curator
Museum of Art
Olin Arts Center

Corie M. Audette

Associate Collections Manager/Registrar
Museum of Art
Olin Arts Center

William H. Low

Research Associate
Museum of Art

Olin Arts Center, Room 107

Peter N. Philbin

Assistant Education Curator of Academic & Community Programs
Museum of Art
Olin Arts Center, Room 107

Michel Droge

Visiting Assistant Professor of Art and Visual Culture

Art and Visual Culture 207-786-6419Olin Arts Center, Room 317

Hilary C. Gibson

Academic Administrative Assistant – Museum of Art
Academic Support Services
Olin Arts Center, Room 205

Inquiries regarding the Marsden Hartley Legacy Project should be sent to 

Museum Attendants: 207-786-6158

John Berry
Marijo Cyr
Ed Jalbert
Cindy Morin
Anne Odom
Carol St. Pierre
John Wiley
Sharon Workman

To schedule tours: 207-786-6158