Video Schedule

There are 27 artists in the Videodrome II exhibition. Each day, the videos of seven artists will be screened and repeated. Every Friday is Open Call day, where visitors may request to watch a specific artist on a first-come first-served basis. For more information please call 207-786-6158.

The museum is open Tuesday-Saturday, 10 AM to 5 PM.

Kitsune Akimoto
Beagles and Ramsay
Andrea Bowers
Marco Brambilla
Jessica Bronson
Josef Dabernig
Dara Friedman

Christoph Girardet
Liselot van der Heijden
Timothy Hutchings
Runa Islam
David Krippendorff
Zilla Leutenegger
Euan Macdonald

Takagi Masakatsu
Dave McKenzie
Bjørn Melhus
Christopher Miner
Matthias Müller
Chloe Piene
Nick Relph & Oliver Payne

Open Call Day

Shannon Plumb
Aida Ruilova
Eli Sudbrack (aka Assume Vivid Astro Focus)
Mongo Thomson
Kerry Tribe
Erik Wesselo