Registration Overview

Registration Information

Logging into the Garnet Gateway

To get to the Garnet Gateway go to the main Bates web page at At the bottom of the page click on “Garnet Gateway.” This takes you to the Garnet Gateway login page. Log into the Garnet Gateway by entering your Bates ID number and your PIN, initially assigned to you by Admissions. You must change your PIN to something new the first time you log in.

How to Register

  1. Prior to registration, the Schedule of Courses for the upcoming semester may be viewed in the Garnet Gateway by clicking on the “Look-up Courses to Add” link on the “Registration” menu. The Schedule of Courses lists the courses to be offered in the upcoming semester, including instructors, class meeting times, enrollment limits, and room assignments. The Bates Catalog,, includes course descriptions, prerequisites, and additional course information.
  2. To register, click on “Register or Add/Drop Courses” under the “Registration” menu. You then enter the CRN (Course Reference Number – a 5-digit number unique to each course section) found in the Schedule of Courses of each course you wish to register for in the boxes at the bottom of the page and Click submit. Another easy way to register for courses is to click “Look-up Courses to Add” and select the department(s)/program(s) you are interested in. Click in the checkbox to the left of the section(s) you want and Click submit. A “C” in the checkbox means the course is already full and closed.

Note: Your course selections are not saved until you click the “submit” button. Be sure to view the results on the Register Add/Drop courses page.

  1. When entering course preferences, error messages may appear. They include time conflicts, failure to meet a prerequisite requirement, failure to select a required linked discussion or laboratory section, etc. If an error appears, you are not registered for the course. Here is the URL to a chart of common errors and how to correct them: Note: not all courses have spaces or are available for first-years. Be sure to look at the current enrollments and course attributes in the schedule. 200-level courses are only open first-years if so noted in the attribute column.
90056 ENVR 204 A 1.000 Environment and Society Class TR 02:40 pm-04:00 pm 09/08-12/10



0 Sonja K. Pieck TBA

GEC C068,Open to first-year students

If a course has a lab (L1, L2, L3, etc.) or discussion (D1, D2, D3, etc.) you must register for a lecture section as well as one lab/discussion at the same time..

N 10190 CMHI 106 A 1.000 Greek Civilization Class MW 01:10 pm-02:30 pm 01/11-04/09 45 41 0 John R. Cole PGILL G65 GEC C048, GEC C054, GEC C057, GEC C077, Open to first-year students, (Premodern)
C 10191 CMHI 106 D1
0.000 Greek Civilization Discussion R 11:00 am-11:55 am 01/11-04/09 23 23 0 John R. Cole PGILL G54