Registration Error Messages

I submitted a course selection and received the following message:

Registration Errors. What do the various error messages mean?

When you submit your course selections you may get an error message. Error messages appear below your current schedule. The course associated with the error disappears after you exit the Registration page, return to the student menu, or log out.

Registration Error Message Explanation
COURSE CLOSED This means that the course is full. Please make another selection.
CLASS RESTRICTION Some 200- and most 300-level courses are not open to first-year students. Upper-level courses that are open to first-year students are marked as such in the Catalog and Schedule of Courses. Instructors may grant a class restriction override if a student has the necessary preparation for the course.
CLOSED SECTION This means the enrollment limit has been met for that section. You may try registering for another section of the course if it has space open.
DUPLICATE CRN You have added the same course twice.
BOTH LECT & LAB/DISC REQ You have selected a course that requires a laboratory or discussion section, or vice versa. Add the lecture section of the course again *with* the laboratory or discussion section. One may not be taken without the other.
MAXIMUM CREDITS EXCEEDED You may register for 4.5 credits prior to optimization. You may add up to 5.5 credits during the add/drop period.***
PREREQUISITE NOT MET This means that you have not met the prerequisite requirement. See the Catalog for a listing of the prerequisites.
COURSE CANNOT BE REPEATED You may not repeat a course unless you have previously withdrawn or received a failing grade in that course.
TIME CONFLICT WITH CRN #12345 You may not register for two courses with the same or overlapping meeting times.
INSTRUCTOR/DEPT CHAIR SIGNATURE REQ The instructor or department/program chair must grant you an instructor permission override before you may register.

***Course overloads (6.0+ credits) require the permission of the Committee on Academic Standing and are not typically granted for first year students.

NOTE: Instructors and chairs may grant exceptions and permissions by applying the appropriate override to the student’s record via Garnet Gateway.  The student must then register for the course.  The student is responsible for verifying that their registration has been finalized.