Apostilles – Authentications

If you need to have an Apostille or Authentication of your Bates transcript and/or diploma we can assist.

To request an Apostille or Authentication we’ll need to receive several items from you:

1. A signed transcript request letter which includes the standard release information (your name as it was at Bates, your date of birth, and where the transcript needs to be sent after the Apostille/Authentication is issued) as well as instructions that request us to have the transcript authenticated by the State of Maine
1. Your original diploma or request that we order you a new diploma

  • If sending your original we’ll notarize a photocopy of it and return the original to you
  • If your original diploma has been damaged, lost, or destroyed you may request a new diploma. To do so, please send a signed request letter stating your name as it was at Bates, your date of birth, and where the diploma needs to be sent after the Apostille/Authentication is issued. There is a $30.00 replacement charge. Please enclose a check made payable to Bates College. If you can, please return the damaged diploma.

2. A cover letter that we will forward to the Secretary of State’s Office with your transcript and/or diploma. It should request the State issue an Apostille or Authentication to authenticate the notary and must include which country the transcript/diploma is being sent to so the Secretary of State’s Office knows if they are to issue an Apostille or an Authentication

3. A stamped self-addressed envelope for the Secretary of State’s Office to use to mail your authenticated document to you or a third party you designate.

4. Payment information: The Secretary of State’s Office charges $10.00 for an Apostille or Authentication and will take a check or VISA/Mastercard. If paying by credit card please list the card number and expiration date on your cover letter to the Secretary of State’s Office which we will forward to the State with their documents.