Advanced Placement

Students may be awarded credit for an Advanced Placement examinations according to the faculty policy for Advanced Placement.

A student who achieves a score of four or five on an Advanced Placement examination given by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) may be granted two course credits, or one course credit in the case of Advanced Placement courses covering the equivalent of one semester of college work. A student achieving a score of three on an examination covering the equivalent of two semesters of college work may be granted one course credit, upon approval of the chair of the appropriate department. No credit is granted for a score of three on an examination covering the equivalent of one semester of college work.

Individual departments and programs decide whether an Advanced Placement examination covers the equivalent of one or of two semesters of college work, whether any Advanced Placement credit permits exemption from their particular courses or major requirements, and whether Advanced Placement credits in their discipline provide exemption from any General Education requirements.

A maximum of four non-Bates credits, including Advanced Placement credit, may be awarded. Junior Semester/Year Abroad credit does not count towards this “non-Bates” maximum.

In order for credit to be awarded, students must request that The College Board send their official scores to Bates. To do this, contact The College Board through their testing website or mailing address: The College Board P.O. Box 6671, Princeton, NJ 08541-6671. 

Bates College – College Board Code: 3076

AP Equivalent Chart

Credit awards are based on the following equivalencies. See below for General Education questions.

TESTScore of 3Score of 4Score of 5
Art Historynone1 unspecified1 unspecified
Art Studio Drawingnone1 unspecified1 unspecified
Art Studio Generalnone1 unspecified1 unspecified
Art Studio 3D Designnone1 unspecified1 unspecified
Biology1 unspecified2 unspecified2 unspecified
Chinesenone102201& 1 unspecified
Computer Science Anone1 unspecified1 unspecified
Computer Science AB1 unspecified2 unspecified2 unspecified
Economics – Micronone150150
Economics – Macronone150150
English Languagenone1 unspecified1 unspecified
English Literaturenone1 unspecified1 unspecified
Environmental Sciencenone1 unspecified1 unspecified
French Languagenone201201 & 1 unspecified
French Literaturenone201201 & 1 unspecified
Human GeographyNone2 unspecified2 unspecified
German Languagenone201201 & 1 unspecified
Government & Politics – USnone1 unspecified1 unspecified
Government & Politics – Comp.none1 unspecified1 unspecified
History – Americannone2 unspecified2 unspecified
History – Europeannone2 unspecified2 unspecified
History – Worldnone2 unspecified2 unspecified
Italiannone1 unspecified1 unspecified
Latin – Vergilnone201201-202
Latin – Literaturenone201201-202
Mathematics –
Calculus AB
none105 (Math)**105 (Math)**
Mathematics –
Calculus BC –AB subscore
none105 (Math)**105 (Math)**
Mathematics –
Calculus BC
none105-106 (Math)**105-106 (Math)**
Music – Listen & Litstudent must see department chairstudent must see department chairstudent must see department chair
Music Theorystudent must see department chairstudent must see department chairstudent must see department chair
Physics 1none1 unspecified1 unspecified
Physics 2none1 unspecified1 unspecified
Physics C Mechanicsnone1 unspecified1 unspecified
Physics C Elec & Mag.none1 unspecified1 unspecified
(Both C tests)none107 & 1 unspecified107 & 1 unspecified
Spanish Languagenone201201 & 1 unspecified
Spanish Literaturenone201201 & 1 unspecified
StatisticsnoneMath 101*Math 101*

Credit awarded as “Unspecified” counts towards the 32 credits needed for graduation but does not satisfy any major, minor or general education requirements unless noted in the Catalog.

*Students may seek Economics credit instead of Mathematics. Contact the Registrar’s Office.

**Credit may not be earned for both the Calculus AB and BC tests.

General Education:
Advanced Placement credit may only count if the credit awarded is accepted as a direct equivalent to a specific Bates course (see table above). Credit awarded without an equivalency (unspecified) may not count. The writing requirement may not be satisfied with Advanced Placement credit.