Accident & Breakdown Procedures

Crashes and/or Accidents Involving College Vehicles

Accident & Breakdown Procedure

Bates College policy requires that any accident involving Bates College Motor Vehicles, regardless of severity, location, or fault, should be reported immediately to the law enforcement authority within the jurisdiction where the accident occurred (9-1-1)  and to the Department of Campus Safety at Bates College (207-786-6254). If the accident or incident takes place on the Bates College Campus the local jurisdiction will be Bates College Security- (207) 786-6254. An Officer will report to your location to file a report.

If there is an accident involving a Bates College Motor Vehicle, the first order of safety is to attend to the injured parties and to insure that all parties are safely out of further harm’s way in the area of the accident. Note: injured parties should be moved only by medical personnel except under the most unusual and crisis-like circumstances to prevent added trauma arising to the victim.

Each driver’s packet contains information on accident reporting, as well as an insurance card bearing the name of the College’s insurance broker. No driver should operate a Bates College Motor Vehicle for the College unless he/she has the accident reporting kit and the insurance card in their possession.

Other points for consideration in the event of an accident:

1. Make no statement to anyone other than to law enforcement personnel or to the Bates College Director of Campus Safety.

2. Make no statement about payment of damage.

3. Admit no liability.

4. Move the vehicle only when so instructed by police unless your best judgment under the circumstances is that moving the vehicle is the best and safest course of action.

Drivers of College vehicles are responsible for all citations received as a result of an automobile accident, excessive speed and other moving violations.

If a College owned vehicle is damaged and cannot be driven and the Department of Safety and Security authorizes it, the vehicle will be towed by AAA. If a rental vehicle is damaged, follow the procedures outlined on the rental agreement and/or posted inside the vehicle. In addition, contact the Department of Campus Safety to report the accident. Unless approved by the Department of Campus Safety, in consultation with the College’s in-house mechanic, any damaged College Motor Vehicle or rental vehicle must be returned to campus or the rental location immediately following an accident.


For any accident or damage occurring involving a College owned or rental vehicle, drivers must complete a Bates College Motor Vehicle Accident Reporting Form within 24 hours and submit it to the Department of Campus Safety Communications Center. Blank reports may be picked up from Campus Safety or print the PDF via the link provided in the next drop-down menu. The Department of Campus Safety will document the accident int he form of an incident report and notify the College’s risk manager.

Driving privileges may be suspended or revoked after an accident with a College Motor Vehicle upon further investigation of all accidents.

Failure to report any incidents and complete a Bates College Accident Report within 24 hours will result in loss of all driving privileges of College owned vehicles and may result in the loss of insurance benefits to the College and result in your department/organization being charged the cost of repairs.


Any potential claims involving a rented vehicle will need to submit a copy of the rental agreement with the Bates College Accident Form.


If a breakdown of a college owned vehicle occurs call the Security Communications Center at (207-786-6254) for further assistance.

If a breakdown of a college rental vehicle occurs call the rental companies after hour’s number provided by the rental company for further assistance. If no one can be reached at the rental after hour’s number, call the Security Communications Center at the number above.