Student Safe Ride & Escort Shuttle Program

Students may request a Safe Ride or Escort at any time while on-campus.  When the Safe Ride shuttle is not available other Campus Safety staff members such as officers are happy to support students.

Campus Safety provides an additional Student Safe Ride & Escort Shuttle Program Thursday through Saturday from 9:00 PM – 2:00 AM.

The Safety Shuttle/Escort is available to students in situations where they do not feel safe walking by themselves.

Due to the volume of calls, it is recommended that Safe Rides are used for no more than two students who need to travel between on-campus locations. During high-volume, the safe ride shuttle driver may decline to transport any groups larger than two.

It may also be used to travel to and from off campus for those residing off-campus. There is a strict prohibition about transporting students to bars or off-campus parties.  A valid Bates ID Card must be presented to the driver.  Disorderly students will not be transported, nor is food or alcohol allowed in the shuttle.  Campus Safety reserves the right to refuse transport.  Additionally, Campus safety reserves the right to escort via walking in lieu of using a vehicle.