Safety Tips For Guests & Visitors

Whether your visit is short or for an extended amount of time; Campus Safety would like to welcome you on your visit to Bates. The following information will make your visit more enjoyable.

Campus Safety is a 24 hour, 365 day operation. Because of the unique setting of a college community and the activities that take place, the department is service oriented with the goal of providing a safe and secure environment by providing service and assistance whenever possible. The College however is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property.

Contacting Campus Safety

Campus Safety is located at 245 College Street. We can be reached by calling 207-786-6254. Our emergency number is 207-786-6111. All 911 calls that are dialed from a campus phone are directed to Campus Safety and to the Lewiston/Auburn Communication Center.

There are over 140 Security Phones located throughout the campus. We encourage the use of these phones as they are connected directly to Campus Safety. Security Phones may be used to contact Campus Safety for any reason.


Bates College offers numerous parking areas for visitor to park. These areas are marked with signs indicating the parking lot. If your stay is for an extended period of time, we suggest that you stop by Campus Safety and obtain a visitors permit for your vehicle.

Building Access

If you are participating in a program in which you are staying in college housing for an extended period of time; access control and safety is important. The access card that you receive is used for a number of areas on campus. If your card is lost or stolen; please report it to Campus Safety immediately. If you are provided with any college keys, the same policy is in place for lost or stolen keys. Reminder: Please keep your door to your room locked at all times!

Medical Emergencies

Campus Safety will respond to any medical emergency that is called into the department. It is the Department’s policy that United Ambulance will also respond with the Officer. If an individual must be transported to the hospital; St. Mary’s Hospital and Central Maine Medical Center are both located near the college.

Suspicious Activities

Campus Safety is here to make your visit to Bates College a safe one. Just like in any community, it takes everyone to work together to make the community safe. If you see anything that makes you think something isn’t normal or wrong, call Campus Safety and inform us of your observations. We are here for you.