Student Dining

Bates College Dining, Conferences and Campus Events is dedicated to supporting the mission of the institution by creating a co-curricular space where learning and community come together. We believe that through the sharing of food – which is locally sourced, skillfully prepared and thoughtfully served – we can create an environment that fosters collaboration, community engagement and individual growth. We are committed to building a culture which promotes the success of our students, faculty, staff and alumni and being responsible stewards of the wider world.

What Will Dining Look Like This Fall?

After a year of transitioning through an exclusively grab ‘n go dining experience, Bates Dining is bringing back “sit down” Commons. For those of you who’ve never seen us in this configuration, here’s what to expect for fall 2021.

Watch the video below to take a tour through Commons, the Bates College dining hall.

Commons will return to full capacity and communal dining with enhanced offerings. The Commons dining room is open to students only with the exception of Language Tables. Information about how faculty and staff can order catering and to go meals for college sponsored meeting and events can be found here. If you have any questions please reach out to

Students living off campus who are not on the board plan and would like information about accessing meals in Commons should contact Jenny Graves, Dining, Conferences and Campus Events Business Manager at 207-786-8281 or

How to be a Responsible Bobcat: Commons Etiquette

  • Face coverings are required in Commons for everyone and must be worn at all times, except when seated and eating.
  • Sanitize your hands when entering or leaving the dining room and before and after serving yourself. Hand sanitizers are conveniently located for this purpose.
  • Eating and drinking are only allowed at tables, not in the servery.
  • Always get a clean plate and utensils when going for seconds.
  • Bulk food and Commons plates, mugs, tumblers and silver may not be removed from the dining hall. If you’d like to take a beverage with you, please remember to bring your own re-useable beverage container with you.
  • Be a prepared Bobcat and CHECK THE MENU before dining.
  • Hep us reduce waste
    • Carefully select food. Take all you want but eat all you take. You can always come back for seconds.
    • Hold your plate close to pans when serving yourself to avoid dropping food on counters.
    • Put napkins, tea bags and coffee stirrers in the slot provided at the dish return.
    • Leave everything else on your plate or tray at the dish return area, consolidating as much as possible. We’ll sort food into compost and recyclables like yogurt cups into recycling. Together, we can divert waste from the landfill!
  • Most importantly, please be patient, kind and understanding. We are all in this together.