Our Vision

Bates, Dining, Conferences & Campus Events has become a model for environmental stewardship through local purchasing, sustainable sourcing, minimization of disposables and a comprehensive waste diversion program. Investment in innovative water and energy conservation programs and equipment helped reduce our carbon footprint, contributing to Bates Colleges ability to achieve carbon neutrality a year ahead of schedule in 2019.

How Is This Achieved?
  • We use vendors who are invested in helping source local products, reduce packaging and track rebates so that we can maximize funds available for the products our customers enjoy. Click HERE for a list of our local vendors
  • We spend approximately 28% of our food budget on local Maine products, resulting in shorter shipping distances, lower fuel usage, fresher product and increased support for the local Maine economy
  • We donate extra food portions to a local homeless shelter and soup kitchen
  • We collect 80 plus % of all pre- and post-consumer waste for recycling, composting or pick-up by a local pig farmer
  • We have no garbage disposals in our operation, preferring to us a scrime line which saves both water and electricity
  • We utilize a menu management system to help forecast food production needs, track actual usage and minimize over-production
  • We limit disposable service ware in Commons to just napkins and coffee stirrers – both of which are collected and composted
  • We use reusable wares at outdoor events whenever possible

An Award Winning Team
AASHE Recognition – Bates recently completed its AASHE STARS report, and received its highest score to date, winning a Gold rating! Check out the Bates Sustainability website for more information!