Online Napkin Board

Complementing the original Napkin Board in Commons, the online Napkin Board makes communication between students, faculty, staff and Bates DCCE easier and more convenient.

We have moved to an entirely virtual Napkin Board process and students will no longer be able to hang napkin requests in Commons. Due to changing and developing health regulations, this was a necessary move, but don’t worry! The napkin board respondent is still working hard. You can still expect quick and witty retorts to your requests.

All responses will be posted online and in Commons.

Visitor passes?

Napkin posted June 8, 2021

  We are anticipating that at some point we will start  allowing…

Tofu Scramble

Napkin posted June 8, 2021

Best Christine

Fries exchange

Napkin posted May 17, 2021

We’ll look into it! Thanks for writing, Cheryl


Napkin posted May 17, 2021

They contain no gluten but we cook them on a grill that…

GF Bases in Salad Bar

Napkin posted May 17, 2021

Quinoa is supposed to be a staple. We’ll get right on that….


Napkin posted May 17, 2021

You’re welcome! Cheryl