Online Napkin Board

Complementing the onsite Napkin Board in Commons, the online Napkin Board makes communication between students, faculty, staff and Bates DCCE easier and more convenient.

All responses will be posted online and in Commons.

Salad Burnout

Napkin posted November 8, 2023

Great idea! We’ll talk it over and see if we can’t come…

Celiac options

Napkin posted October 24, 2023

We do have more options for those with celiac disease. Please reach…

Fruit pizza

Napkin posted October 24, 2023

It didn’t disappear; it just moved to brunch on Cycle 2. You’ll…

Harvest Dinner??

Napkin posted October 12, 2023

Harvest Dinner always falls on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving break so this…


Napkin posted October 12, 2023

We’re not sure what happened on that particular day but this should…


Napkin posted October 4, 2023

It was not. Thanks for writing, Cheryl