Online Napkin Board

Complementing the onsite Napkin Board in Commons, the online Napkin Board makes communication between students, faculty, staff and Bates DCCE easier and more convenient.

All responses will be posted online and in Commons.

Den official closing date?

Napkin posted May 17, 2022

The last day that the Den will be open will be Wednesday,…

12 Grain Bread

Napkin posted May 11, 2022

It is back! It was just a short delay. Thanks for writing,…

Funky Water

Napkin posted May 11, 2022

Aquahealth has been in and taken care of the issue on their…

Chocolate milk make head hurt

Napkin posted May 3, 2022

Hey Napkin Writer,    I check the temperature log on the milk…

Coffee at Catering events

Napkin posted May 3, 2022


teriyaki sauce

Napkin posted April 28, 2022

We have it but are only using it for cooking. Thanks for…