Lake Andrews Stewardship and Use Policy

In addition to its considerable aesthetic value, Lake Andrews is also an important water-control feature of the campus. As such, the college seeks to protect the pond’s shoreline reeds, plantings, and buffer vegetation, which help to prevent erosion while filtering runoff to mitigate algae blooms.

  • Please respect the natural features of Lake Andrews.
  • Do not walk in the areas between path and shore.
  • Do not disturb springtime nesting ducks.
  • Help sustain the pond’s environmental balance by not feeding the ducks.
  • Ice skating is permitted at users’ risk.
  • Remote-control vehicle use is not permitted.
  • Unless authorized by the college, any and all activities on the water, including but not limited to swimming, rafting, boating, and use of inflatables, is not permitted.

Lake Andrews is tranquil and sun-splashed on a July afternoon.