Meal Plan Information

The meal plan at Bates is designed to support and enhance the residential experience which is the hallmark of a Bates College education. All students residing on campus are required to be on the meal plan and are automatically enrolled. Students not residing on campus have the option to purchase the meal plan.

The meal plan includes  all meals served in Commons while classes and exams are in session, as well as meals served during college recesses. Students enjoy unlimited access to Commons during posted hours of operation. Options for those avoiding the top nine allergens and those seeking plant-based, vegan, halal, and kosher style selections are available at all times and  Adventures in Dining events are featured monthly.

The meal plan does not include meals that are served during college breaks. Additionally, dining may not be open for the entirety of all break periods. Meals available over breaks are provided to students at a reduced rate, which may be charged to a student account, paid for via credit/debit, or students may use guest passes; five of which are loaded onto their ID at the start of each semester.

Following are break periods NOT included in the board plan.  If you have any questions, or need additional assistance, please contact Justin Good, Associate Director of Finance, Technology and Staff Support, at




APRIL RECESS, if not enrolled in Short Term

MAY:  Last academic meal for undergraduates is Thursday lunch, prior to Commencement