It is the mission of Garnet Gourmand Catering (operated by Bates College Dining for Bates College) to provide our customers with outstanding service and innovative culinary experiences while staying true to our Maine roots. This is achieved by closely following national food trends, supporting sustainability through local purchasing, waste reduction, bulk beverage alternatives and having a passion for what we do. The GG has primary catering rights/ first right of refusal for all on-campus events and is the sole provider of alcohol (beer/wine) on campus. The GG provides a full array of catering services for students, faculty, staff and external groups granted use of college facilities providing proper notification and communications has occurred. A detailed list of guidelines and menu options can be found in the catering guide linked below.

External food vendors, including food trucks, seeking to provide service on campus must be approved by the AVP for DCCE. Christine Schwartz. This approval process will require, but is not limited to, verification of liability insurance, copy of current health inspection and at least a 60 day notice.

This webpage was developed to aid you in planning your events with the guide serving as a general overview of options. Should you have dietary restrictions, can’t find what you are looking for, or have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to Donald Desrosiers, Catering Manager, who can help you navigate any situation. No request is too small and no problem unsolvable.

At your service…

Bates College Catering Office
Donald Desrosiers, Catering Manager
(207) 786-6298

Bates College Catering Guide

Student, Faculty and Staff Catering Guide 2017-2018,  this booklet contains the complete catering guidelines and menus.

In order for us to make your event memorable for both you and your guests, we ask that you follow these guidelines. If you need assistance at any time, please contact us.

Although we will do everything possible to accommodate last minute requests, our most successful events have been planned with a minimum of 5 business day notice. This time frame allows us to supply you with the quality products and staffing needed for excellent service and delivery. As they often involve last minute shipping fees and/or higher labor cost, requests received with less than a five business day (Monday-Friday) notice are subject to a $150.00 late fee and product availability.

In the case of wedding receptions initial contact must be made with Dining, Conferences and Campus Events Office via Brenda Pelletier, either by e-mail at or phone at (207) 786-6400.

No wedding reception will be considered with less than an 8 week notice. There are special guidelines for scheduling/planning a wedding reception which will be discussed at time of booking.

After the Event

In compliance with health regulations, with the exception of pick-up orders, leftover food remains the property of Bates College Dining Service and cannot be provided to guests following a catered event. No credit will be issued for leftover food or unused items, however if food is removed from an event you will be charged a $50 fee.  Because the food from pick-ups has left the building and we cannot verify how it was handled, leftover product cannot be returned afterward.  Customers are also responsible for disposing of their own trash from events that are picked up.  It cannot be returned to Commons for disposal.

Guarantees and Billing
Confirmation of the estimated number of guests is required two working days prior to an event. A final guaranteed count is required at least 48 hours before the event.

Billing for services provided will be based on the guaranteed number of guests. Should the number of attendees exceed the guaranteed number, billing will be for the actual number of attendees. When the number of actual attendees is fewer then the confirmed number, billing will be for the confirmed number. If no confirmation is received, the bill will reflect the number of guests planned for at the time the order was placed. To reduce wasted food and unnecessary labor costs, if the actual number of guests at an event falls 15% short of the guaranteed count, there will be a $75 surcharge assessed.  For events with counts of 20 people or less, but require catering staff, there will be an additional $12 per hour fee for your event with a minimum $30 charge.

All buffet and served prices include labor and in most instances linen, but never floral arrangements or special decorative requests. These are an additional charge.

Should an event exceed the indicated end time an additional charge for labor will be added at the rate of $30 per server/cook per ½ hour.

Internal college events must provide organization, fund and, if applicable, activity code for events to be processed. For large functions, Event Reservation sheets must be signed by an authorized party, dated and returned to the catering department. This information is required and orders will not be processed without it. For approved external events, payment must be arranged ahead of time through the Conferences and Campus Events Office via Assistant Vice President of Dining, Conferences and Campus Events, Christine Schwartz, via email at or phone at (207)-786-8279.

Cancellations received up to two working days prior to the event will not be charged, provided catering has not incurred any extraordinary costs for the event. Events cancelled with a 12 to 23 hour notice will be charged 50% of the cost of the event and events cancelled with less than a 12 hour notice, with the exception of those cancelled because of inclement weather, will be billed the full cost of the event.

Special Orders
Bates Dining is skilled at preparing a wide variety of specialty dishes using our own recipes or those provided by our customers. If your event includes specific/specialty recipes you will need to allow additional time in order to ensure all ingredients are available and the recipe is tested. If specialty items are not available through our vendors and must be secured elsewhere, an additional 10% charge will be added to the price of the items to cover labor and travel costs.

Delivery and Pick-up Orders
Orders delivered on campus will include a $10.00 delivery charge. Orders picked up at Commons will not incur this fee. However, any orders not picked up within a half hour of the scheduled pick up time will be returned to stock and charged a 30% restocking fee. In the event that the order needs to be prepared again, an additional 20% service fee will be assessed.

Equipment on Loan
All equipment provided during a catered event is for use during that event only. Items removed from the event will be added to the final bill at replacement cost. Utensils, pots and pans are available for use on a very limited basis; requests must be made in advance through the catering office. A deposit is due upon pick-up and will be refunded when all items have been returned.

A charge will be assessed for the delivery or clean-up of Dining Service equipment.  The charge will be assessed depending on the amount requested or clean up required.

When Placing an Order
Other information we will need to assist you in planning your event:

  • Verification that the venue has been booked and set-up noted. This should be arranged through the online Events Management System or through Dining, Conference and Campus Events office  at 207-786-6299. It is the customer’s responsibility to return furniture and other items to their original position should they need to be rearranged or removed from the location.
  • Location, date and time of the event
  • Number of people attending the event
  • Type of service desired (i.e.: buffet or served, paper or china)
  • Floral arrangements, linen color and other specialty decor items desired
  • Department name, telephone number and e-mail address of person filling the reservation

We have prepared the following menus for you to use as a guide in planning your event.  Though we offer a unique and wide variety of foods, please keep in mind that all choices may not be suitable for the venue you have secured. Please allow us to assist you in making your choices and arranging for any special requests. By collaborating we can make selections that allow us to work effectively and ensure complete customer satisfaction.