Kroepsch Award

In recognition of the faculty’s traditional commitment to excellence in teaching, the late Robert H. Kroepsch ’33, LL.D. ’71, established in 1985 the Ruth M. and Robert H. Kroepsch Endowed Fund for one or more annual awards to members of the faculty “in recognition of outstanding performance as a teacher during the previous twelve-month period.” Kroepsch Award winners from the previous five years are not eligible.

The award carries a stipend to the faculty recipient, which is subject to taxation and withholding. 

The dean of the faculty shall be responsible for inviting all students and alumni from the past five years to write letters of nomination for the award. These letters must cite in specific ways how the nominated teacher meets the following criteria:

1) Stimulates student interest in the subject and fosters desire for further learning.

2) Helps students understand subject matter and its importance in a broad context.

3) Is innovative and/or creative in teaching.

4) Is demanding and expects a high standard of performance.

5) Engages students in research and scholarly work.

6) Is committed to student learning.

Selection shall be made by a committee made up of recipients of the award from the past five years.

Details for the Kroepsch Award nomination process and faculty eligibility are announced annually.

Year Recipient
2023Katharine Ott
2022Sue Houchins
2021Charles Nero
2020Jennifer Koviach-Côté & Joshua Rubin
2019Stephanie Kelley-Romano
2018Stephen Engel
2017Michael Murray
2016Paula Schlax
2015Alexandre Dauge-Roth
2014Thomas Tracy
2013Loring Danforth
2012Katalin Vecsey
2011Sonja Pieck & Nancy Koven
2010James Hughes
2009Joe Hall
2008Rob Farnsworth
2007John Kelsey
2006Bill Corlett
2005Will Ambrose
2004Rebecca Herzig
2003Curtis Bohlen & Denis Sweet
2002Carole Taylor & Claudia Aburto Guzman
2001Rachel Austin
2000Anne Dodd
1999Robert Branham & Emily Kane
1998Shuhui Yang
1997Lois K. Ongley
1996Kirk Read
1995James Hughes
1994Bonnie J. Shulman
1993Robert Farnsworth
1992James Richter
1991Dyk Eusden
1990Denis Sweet
1989Georgia N. Nigro
1988 Carole Taylor