Panel Discussion on Water and Sea Level Rise: Maine Perspectives

Olin Arts Center, 104
75 Russell Street
Lewiston, Maine 04240
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Artist: Jan Piribeck, Portland, Maine
Artist: Michel Droge, Portland, Maine
Faculty: Raj Saha, Lecturer, Bates College Department of Geology
Please join us and participate in a discussion with visiting artists and faculty on this compelling topic.
My work places the viewer in the midst of global climate change and environmental upheaval. It is also steeped in the philosophy of the Feminine Sublime—an expansive, transformative and sensory approach to the Sublime. – Michel Droge
For the past decade my work as an artist has been based upon establishing new relationships between the Arts, Humanities and the field of Geographic Information Science. My work blends personal expression with objective views of natural and built environments. Often, I work collaboratively in the capacity of directing cultural projects for varied communities. The projects include components such as: exhibitions, displays, interventions, performances and other public presentations. – Jan Piribeck