Tale Spinning

Enrique Chagoya, Lesley Dill, Brad Kahlhamer, Shirin Neshat, Nicky Nodjoumi, Alison Saar

September 23-December 17, 2011

This exhibition presents the work of a group of artists of international prominence who create work with a strong narrative component. Each artist incorporates aspects of personal stories, cultural stories, and history into their work, masterfully spinning powerful, mysterious, and provocative tales.

The artists employ different aesthetic, conceptual, and narrative strategies, resulting in imagery and stories that take many forms, and works of art that both reveal and conceal tales in various ways and with differing intentions. Enrique Chagoya was born in Mexico, and lives in San Francisco; Lesley Dill was born in Bronxville, NY and lives in New York; Brad Kahlhamer was born in Tucson, Arizona, and lives in New York; Shirin Neshat was born in Qazvin, Iran, and lives in New York; Nicky Nodjoumi was born in Born Kermanshah, Iran, and lives in New York; and Alison Saar was born in Los Angeles, and lives and works in Los Angeles.

Curricular Initiatives Handout – Tale Spinning


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