Senior Thesis Exhibition 2016

April 8 – May 28, 2016

Keira Sultan, A fly caught in amber or a leather bottle, 2015, Digital collage with Pen and Ink, 25 x 33 inches

Since its dedication in 1986, The Bates College Museum of Art has maintained a special relationship with the college’s Department of Art & Visual Culture. Part of this is a commitment to supporting the work of Bates students through our Annual Senior Thesis Exhibition. The exhibition highlights work selected from the thesis projects of graduating seniors majoring in Studio Art.

Thesis projects vary from student to student, each pursuing an individual interest. The emphasis of the program is on creating a cohesive body of related works through sustained studio practice and critical inquiry. The year-long process is overseen by Art and Visual Culture faculty, and  culminates in this exhibition.


Julian Bardin
Catherine DiPietro
Jessie Jacobson
Stephanie Jones
Elizabeth Laverghetta
Sasha Lennon
Catie O’Toole
Margaret Pope
William Reber
Natalie Silver
Keira Sultan
Isabelle Unger