Joel M. Babb: the Process Revealed

New England Towers – Oil on canvas – 2001

October 10, 2009 – March 27, 2010

This exhibition will investigate the role of both the act of drawing and the drawings themselves in the production of paintings. Often thought of (by both artists and viewers) as mere by-products of the act of creating finished paintings, drawings are engaging, satisfying, and instructive works of art in their own right. Illustrating the creative process by pairing preparatory drawings with finished paintings, this exhibition will reveal the many stages of work that go into the resolved works of art that we typically see in museums and galleries. Some drawings, although not directly matched with paintings, will be included to show both the ongoing practice of honing observation and rendering skills, and the evolution of concepts and compositions. The exhibition will display works from three of Babb’s many areas of interest: cityscapes, wilderness landscapes, and figural works, such as history painting.