Our Purpose

We welcome feedback on the draft statements below. Please send feedback directly to Paul Menice, Assistant Director of Security at pmenice@bates.edu.


We aim to foster an environment whereby all individuals are safe and secure to learn, live, work, and flourish as responsible people. We endeavor to create a place where justice and compassion are equally upheld and recognize that the diverse experiences of our students, staff, and faculty enhance our overall community. We can only succeed in this goal through mutual responsibility and commitment to each other’s safety and success.


In alignment with our core values, we work to identify and resolve safety and security concerns and to educate the campus community in the delivery of safety and security services. We accomplish these goals through collaboration with students, staff, and faculty while also partnering with other groups and organizations in the surrounding community to provide services in a professional, fair, and courteous manner.


Belonging & Equity: We believe that students, staff, and faculty need to feel a sense of belonging and fairness in order for us to be able to do our work successfully. In particular, this entails an acknowledgment of historical wrongs on the basis of race, class, nationality, gender, sexuality, religion, and ability and an affirmative commitment to the equitable and respectful treatment of all peoples.

Ongoing Professional Development: We are committed to providing our staff with professional development opportunities that support their work and the goals of our mission. This means effective training at the onset of hiring and continued access to educational opportunities.

Building Collaboration & Partnership: We work together with students, staff, and faculty to develop robust working relationships and, in doing so, strive to build a stronger future for Bates.

Community Engagement & Support: We work to foster mutual trust between our department and the Bates community through sustained relationship-building and regular engagement of community members in the re-evaluation of policy and procedure.

Accountability: We set high standards for ourselves and strive to exceed them on a daily basis. We take full responsibility for our actions and the delivery of services that we provide.

Transparent Communication: We facilitate opportunities for open conversation and encourage feedback and participation at all levels. Our goal is to provide information about our services and work in a clear and transparent manner.

Safety: We exist to cultivate a safe and secure atmosphere for the Bates community while maintaining an environment conducive to freedom, expression, and unity.