BatesReach and Student Support Advisors team up to support your success

Carl SteidelI write to introduce a pair of new programs, Student Support Advisors and BatesReach, that will work in tandem to strengthen your Bates experience.

First, the new programs will improve the student advising program within Student Affairs.

Second, they will support a vital aspect of your experience here — the opportunity to forge lasting connections with Bates faculty and staff.

Student Support Advisor

Beginning this fall, all students will have what we’re calling a Student Support Advisor, a go-to Student Affairs staff member for the duration of your time at Bates.

While other advisers provide primary academic advising, Student Support Advisors are an additional point of contact, someone who can provide personal support and supplemental academic advising and who can respond to any and all personal or social concerns that you have as soon as they arise.

Additionally, the Student Support Advisor is a key connection point for the faculty and staff on campus who are devoted to your progress and success.

It will provide continuity during your time at Bates and will supplement, not replace, the casual and spontaneous interactions and relationships with faculty and staff that you already have or may develop over your time here.

To support this initiative is BatesReach.


As an online portal, BatesReach will make it much easier you to reach out to your connections on campus, including your faculty advisor, Student Support Advisor, professors, department chairs, coaches — anyone involved in your progress.

Through BatesReach, you will have the ability to schedule appointments with some of these individuals and to ask for help if you are struggling either academically or outside the classroom.

Faculty and staff will also have the ability to let you know if they have concerns about your academic or personal success.

And your Student Support Advisor is…

To learn who your Student Support Advisor is, just log in to BatesReach at using your Bates username and password. You can also login via Garnet Gateway or Lyceum.

Once logged in, click on the home button and then on My Success Network. Your Student Support Advisor will be listed there along with all others in your network of support.

The sidebar on this page offers much more information about BatesReach, including FAQs and training materials, please click here.

As always, please reach out to Student Affairs if you have questions, and best of luck in the coming semester!