Update on Campus Social Events

Dear Students,

Carl Steidel

Carl Steidel

Earlier this academic year, several messages were sent to the student body regarding two new city ordinances and the shifting landscape for social life on- and off-campus. Since the start of the year, we have seen a number of improvements in the impact of student behavior on our neighbors in the surrounding community. However, in recent weeks the Lewiston Police Department has responded to numerous noise complaints at student residences both off-campus and on Frye Street. In some instances, citations under the new ordinances were issued. Specifically, a number of locations hosted larger parties this past weekend that became incredibly disruptive to our neighbors. Such behavior and events that cause significant disturbances to our surrounding community are harmful to our neighbors and our shared community.

Students living off-campus and on Frye Street, where student residences abut family residences, should be aware that noise complaints reported to the Lewiston Police Department may result in officers responding to your residence and could result in individuals receiving legal summonses under city ordinances. Given the activity of the past few weekends, it is highly likely that law enforcement will deploy additional patrols in the areas surrounding campus during the remaining weeks of Short Term.

While we encourage all students to socialize in ways that are safe and responsible both on- and off-campus, we ask you to take care to avoid any gatherings, loud music, or other noise that may cause a disturbance to neighbors living near you.

We wish to support student social life however we can and we encourage you to take full advantage of upcoming events on-campus. The Office of Campus Life also provides ample student initiative funding and support to students interested in coordinating events on campus. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.


Carl Steidel, Senior Associate Dean of Students