Student Initiative Funding

Campus Life is committed to ensuring that students’ on-campus experiences are safe, inclusive, and fun. In order to foster the creation of programming that meets the diverse interests of students, there are a number of funding sources available to Bates students to support student programming and ideas. This includes support for engaging events and programs on campus where alcohol can be consumed responsibly by students who are 21+. 

The following funding sources are provided by Campus Life, as well as other campus partners – see the section headings to determine which entity administers a given funding source. Depending on your idea, you may qualify for one or more funding sources!

Campus Life

21+ Events

Campus Life offers funding for 21+ events to support weekend programming promoting a safe and responsible drinking culture at Bates. 21+ events occur in the Little Room in Chase Hall or the Underground in Gillespie Hall. Any individual student, student club, or student organization may apply for this funding. The individual who applies for this funding must be age 21 or older.

Clubs or organizations approved for funding for 21+ events will have costs related to staffing, alcohol, harm reduction food, and beverages covered. All other program costs remain the responsibility of the club or organization. If an individual not affiliated with a club or organization is sponsoring an event, additional funds may be available to cover remaining programming costs.

Learn more and apply here.

Breaks at Bates Event Funding

Breaks at Bates funding is available to students wishing to host an on campus event or program open to all Bates students during official college breaks.  These events/programs are coordinated by students and may include food that is aimed at bringing students together in meaningful ways.

Breaks at Bates programming and events require at least one student to serve as the official coordinator of the event who oversees the entirety of the event/program from its inception to clean-up and evaluation.

Learn more and apply here.

Personal Expense Fund

The Personal Expense Fund is designed to support student engagement with BCSG-recognized club activities that require an out-of-pocket expense.

Learn more and apply here.

Bates College Student Government (BCSG)

Club Budget Requests

Through the work of the BCSG Funding & Activities Board (FAB), student government provides funding throughout the year to enable club activities, including events/programs, initiatives, and attending conferences, meets, and tournaments.

Learn more here. Apply via your club’s Bates Engage Accounting Book.

Harward Center for Community Partnerships

Community Engaged Learning Grants

These grants (supported by the Arthur Crafts and Helen A. Papaioanou Funds) provide resources for students who design volunteer service projects or an academically-related community-engaged learning project and are intended to cover incidentals such as supplies, fees, or research expenses.  Awards are competitive, are granted without regard to financial need, and are available to students in all disciplines and classes. Funding up to $200 for qualified individuals is available, however transportation-related expenses CANNOT exceed $100. Brought to you by the Harward Center for Community Partnerships.

Learn more and apply here.

Community Liaison Mini-Grants

Community Liaison Mini-Grants provide funding and resources for student clubs and athletic teams interested in performing community-engaged work. Using an assets-based approach to the off-campus community, Community Liaisons develop activities, programs, and partnerships designed to encourage civic learning and action among their peers. Community Liaisons may apply for modest funding to support community-engaged activities.  For more information about this program, click here.  Proposals should be submitted at least one week prior to the scheduled activity.

Learn more and apply here.

Committee for Environmental Responsibility

Green Innovation Grant

Here’s how it works:

1) Identify a problem or something you’d like to see the college change in the sustainability realm.

2) Come up with an innovative solution to the problem.

3) Submit your solution via the page below.

4) The Bates Committee for Environmental Responsibility, made up of faculty, students and staff will award the most creative and impactful solutions money to make their project happen. The funding range per project is roughly $200-$2000.

Learn more and apply here.