The strength of our Biology program depends on a vibrant faculty. Follow the links to learn more about our Faculty’s scholarship and teaching.

Bates Biology Faculty

Larissa Williams                                     Will Ambrose                                   Brett Huggett

Lee Abrahamsen
Assoc. Professor
Microbiology and Med Studies
Carla Essenberg
Asst. Professor
Plant Ecology
Karen Palin
Microbiology and Epidemiology
Will Ambrose
Marine Community Ecology
and Climate Change
On leave AY 2014-16
Brett A. Huggett
Asst. Professor
Plant Physiology and
Functional Morphology
Stephanie Richards
Visiting Asst. Professor 2014-15
Genetics and Molecular Biology
Pam Baker
Helen A. Papaioanou Professor
of Biological Sciences – Emeritus


Sharon Kinsman
Assoc. Professor-Emeritus
Plant Ecology
Robert Thomas
Professor – Emeritus
Plant Physiology
Ryan Bavis
Professor, Chair of Biology
Animal Physiology
Nancy Kleckner
Assoc. Professor
Larissa Williams
Asst. Professor
Molecular Toxicology and Development
Don Dearborn
Evolution, Behavior and
Conservation BiologyOn leave 15/16
Dan Levitis
Visiting Asst. Professor
Evolutionary Biology
Kerry Whittaker
Visiting Asst. Professor
Marine Ecology